The pursuit of wellbeing in the context of self and Psychoneuroimmunology.

In the pursuit of wellbeing in the context of self and psychoneuroimmunology, I want to share a blog series on why I create fermented beverages specifically for the social adult. During this literary journey I encourage you to reach out and ask questions, contribute and of course help create a dialogue of support and insight with each other. #drinkferments, #psychoneuroimmunology, #guthealth

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Ferments - its a group thing...

Ferments work best as a group. All ferments are unique microclimates of goodness. When consumed as a broad base, you ensure the fermenting community is supporting you. #drinkferments. #darkforestbeverages. #fourpillarsgin,#fairtrade, #cornersmith, #southsailor.

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Our product is designed to be social.

We were born to be social.

Dark Forest Sparkling Kombucha has been designed to cater for the social adult. Starting from the screw cap crown seal, easy to open with your hand, to the amber relaxed shoulder glass bottle, delightfully sitting in your palm for the swig or easy pour over ice (no Boston bottle glug - you hear me Bar Staff!), to the weight of the glass - solid but not heavy, clean crisp label and all delivered to you in 4 elegant 6 packs for a nice refreshing weekend or chilled week at home. 

Hope you like it - #drinkferments

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