For those practical people amongst us, here are some books on the link between food, gut health and pain: The Gut Book,  I Quit Sugar,  anything by Lee Holmes and The Art of Fermentation.  

Next steps

Integrate your life. Look after your gut flora every day and live life. I drink alcohol, (much to the horror of my Rheumatologist), and I sometimes eat red meat, gluten and dairy and my liver is fine. I take a drug once a week to help my body with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and I drink fermented drinks and eat fermented foods every day to help my gut stay healthy so I can take the drug to help with RA. 

And I keep researching and experimenting. This is my solution. You will find yours and when you do, life will improve.

The Fine Print

Lets talk Terms and Conditions.... just so no-one gets hurt, miffed, it is