Born from a desire to create high quality gut loving low sugar drinks to cohabit with life as a social being, Dark Forest Beverages source local organic ingredients to produce probiotic rich sparkling kombucha and water kefir.


We use filtered water, raw sugar, 40 year old scoby stock, organic green tea and fruit to twice ferment and thrice filter sparkling kombucha and water kefir. Brewed, fermented and packaged in glass, twist top crown sealed with a simple label and served to you at your local and at home.

We then reuse the byproduct of the drink manufacturing to create other products, ensuring the ingredient is totally utilised.


To be social in Australia historically meant drinking your body weight in alcohol. This was fine-ish in your twenties (not promoting binge alcohol drinking!) but as you get older things start to break. 

Ever experienced alcohol shaming? Comments like: "you can't trust them, they don't drink",  "oh she must be pregnant" or god forbid "they must have a PROBLEM...." Dry July, Alcohol Free days/weeks/months... are all constructs designed by us to keep the bullies at bay and give our bodies time to recover from socialising. This generally means banishing yourself to binge Netflix, torturous fitness regimes, maybe some sort of no sugar, no carb PROTOCOL... eek. 

There is a better way, (life is too short and friends are too important), FERMENTS - Gut loving, low sugar kombucha and water kefir packed with nutrients needed to repair damage caused by highly processed food and beverage. 

Fermented foods have been around for thousands of years, well before refrigeration, antibiotics and McDonalds. They have stood the test of time because they work, see Research for evidence. Dark Forest Kombucha and Water Kefir is designed to cohabit with your favourite things to help keep you healthy and social. #drinkferments.